Depression / Stress Relief It was not all that long ago when depression was considered to be 'in the head' or, in other words 'imagined' and people who suffered from it were dismissed as overreacting. However, over recent years new evidence has clearly been established that the cause of depression in a high proportion of people can be as a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Similar causes can also apply to anxiety as well as the reduced ability to cope with stress.


Over recent years there has been a multitude of anti-depressant drugs developed, some of which will successfully block the symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, the results can vary widely with different people with sometimes unpredictable side effects such as, (but not limited to), suicidal tendencies and male impotence.

A number of these drugs have been forcibly removed from the market after large numbers of adverse 'events' and deaths. As with all drugs that alter the body's function in some way, there are potential long term implications which may still be unknown.

There is no certain way of determining what is right or wrong for each individual when it comes to powerful pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Rather it is a  matter of 'trial and error'. A physician cannot tell for sure and must try one drug and then another in the hope that one of them will help and give short term relief. Because of the risks these drugs should only be used as a last resort if all else fails.

Thankfully, over recent years there have been a number of natural substances discovered that for many people can work even more effectively than anti-depressant drugs. This is now well documented scientifically. If you have a depression or anxiety problem these substances should be your first plan of 'attack'. They work by 'enabling' the brain to restore normal function as opposed to drugs which 'block' the action of certain enzymes and thus the symptoms only.

By taking the natural approach not only do you avoid the potential dangerous side effects of the drugs but you can actually enhance your overall brain power and also help lay the foundation for the prevention of age related cognitive decline that can lead to Dementia and Alzheimer's.

As with drugs, not all natural ingredients will work equally for everyone. However, it is possible in a scientific way to combine multiple natural substances to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome without the need to try a lot of different substances individually over a period of time. This approach greatly enhances the potential of a successful outcome for a broad range of neurological problems in the shortest space of time.

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